Our reception was a bit haphazard due to the weather, which included strong winds that nearly took our tent with them! We moved the food into the barn, and the closest thing to a head table ended up being a bale of hay. In any event, we had delicious food from Tantré Farm, made available by Emily’s sister Lizzie, who also connected us with our caterer, Sewon.

Securing the tent

We also invited the B-Side Growlers to play music. They’re comprised of Pete Lewandowski (vocals, banjo, fiddle, steel guitar), Mary Lewandoski (vocals, washboard, guitar), and Matt Porter (vocals, up-right bass). They played a variety of old blues, folk, and country, providing some great music for dancing and singing along.

B-Side Growlers

For dessert, Emily’s sisters served ice cream and pies that were made by the bride herself!

Amy and Lizzie serving dessert

We then ended the night with a bonfire to keep us warm as the cold front swept in.

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